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Moving day is often hectic, but you can put luck on your side so that everything goes smoothly. With a little planning, your help or your professional movers will be able to work pleasantly and safely, and everything will go well.

Before moving

  • 1. Unplug and empty appliances
  • 2. Unplug all electrical appliances
  • 3. Disassemble beds
  • 4. Transport the following items yourself:
    • Pressurized containers
    • Ammunition and weapons
    • Fuels
    • Propane tanks
    • Paint
    • Bleach and any product that is corrosive and / or any product that is liquid
    • Items of high monetary or sentimental value
    • Plants, animals and dried flowers
    • Food

During the move...

So that everything goes smoothly :

  • 1. Be there on moving day. Do not leave the premises until those who are helping you do. If you must leave, don’t forget to indicate who can answer any questions in your absence.
  • 2. You must have the necessary packing materials. Facilitate the work of those who are packing the items by providing all necessary materials (boxes, tape, bubble wrap and other). (Often, the moving company will agree to take back any unused material.)
  • 3. Don’t overfill the boxes. The box should not be too heavy; a person should be able to carry it alone.
  • 4. Clearly label the boxes. If necessary, write “HEAVY: BOOKS” for those who are carrying the boxes. To prevent spills and breakage, write “FRAGILE” and “HIGH.” Indicate the room where the box will go and its contents to facilitate unpacking.
  • 5. Make sure items are well stuffed and padded, and that sharp ends are covered to avoid injuries.
  • 6. Check the lighting, temperature and telephone service. Turn on room lights and the heating or air conditioning so that the movers are comfortable. Make arrangements with the phone company to provide telephone service to both the house you are leaving and your new address on the day of the move. Before moving, also check that the lights work in your new home.
  • 7. Cover the floors with carpets. If it is snowing or raining, watch out for wet or muddy surfaces. Install carpets to protect floors from dirt and so that movers don’t slip.
  • 8. Clear access to the house and yard. The movers should be able to move around easily. If necessary, remove handrails from stairs, trim the hedges and trees, and leave gates open for easy access. Remember to tie-up the dog and keep children and their toys away from movers.
  • 9. Vacuum the furniture before moving day. It is more agreeable to move a chair or sofa that isn’t dusty or full of animal hair. (Don’t forget to vacuum under the cushions too!)
  • 10. Provide refreshments, especially in hot weather to avoid dehydration. You probably value your possessions, so don’t offer any alcoholic beverages; our movers are not allowed to be consume them during or even after the move.
  • 11. Check the nooks and crannies. Take a last look in the drawers and closets.