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Licenses / Permits

Martel Express (Trois-Rivières) guarantees you a fleet of trucks and drivers that follow strict standards. They are holders of permits and licences from the commission des transports du Québec.

In addition, before and after each use, our drivers carry out inspections of their vehicles to avoid any unexpected malfunctioning.

Finally, monthly monitoring of our trucks is made under the SAAQ PEP program.


Various types of equipment are available to our employees to ensure that your move is fast, efficiently and most importantly to minimize the possibility of breakage. We have, among other things:

  • Carpets to protect floors
  • Protective covers
  • Protective covers specifically for storage
  • Straps for moving
  • Two and four-wheeled handcarts
  • Shelving on wheels
  • Tools
  • System for identifying belongings

Truck Fleet

Martel Express (Trois-Rivières) has a fleet of 27 trucks, including cube, trailer, tractor trucks and service units.