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Intact - Assurance

Maximum insurance of belongings?

Martel Express (Trois-Rivières) is insured by INTACT Insurance


Local moving

Martel Express (Trois-Rivières) ensures comprehensive coverage for your move. Any damaged property will be repaired by an expert until it has regained its original appearance. If this is not possible, the damaged piece will be replaced by another identical piece.

In addition, Martel Express (Trois-Rivières) offers the opportunity to purchase additional insurance for high value items.

Unpackaged items are guaranteed, with the exception of electrical appliance mechanisms, mattresses, mirrors, paintings, marble tables, table and bookcase windows and torchiere lamps, which must be packed in special boxes in order to benefit from coverage.

Conditions for a claim:

  • A deductible of $100 is applicable for the settlement of all claims
  • Any claim must be noted by the mover at the end of the move on the order form and before you add your signature

Long-distance Moving

The steps for claims for long-distance moving may vary. We recommend you contact Martel Express Ltd. for more information.